Where to Go and What to See

~Miki Johnson

One of my readers complained last week that I had only included three shows outside NYC. It's inevitable that I know more about what's going on in my own cities than others, but I'd also like to point out that the art calendar ebbs and flows constantly...this week is a case in point. Because there are three big art shows in NYC this week, everyone seems to have been holding their breath until now. This week constitutes a deluge—yes, including some big shows in OTHER cities, too.

An annotated list:

  • Bond Street Gallery (NYC): A brand new gallery with an opening show extravaganza including James White and Harold Feinstein.
  • Slideluck Potshow XI at the Chelsea Art Museum (NYC): Food and photography (and booze, of course). If you haven't made it to one of these slideshows yet, you really ought to do yourself the favor.
  • Sundaram Tagore Gallery (NYC): My "thanks for introducing me to this artist I obviously should have known about" award this week is for this Subhankar Banerjee exhibition. It's hard to make landscapes transcendent, but I think you'll agree that's what these are.
  • J. Paul Getty Museum (LA): _Ten Years in Focus: The Artist and the Came_ra. I think the name says it all.
  • Hallmark Museum (MA): Lili Almog, Linda Butler, and Stella Johnson: Three blow-you-away-good women photographers in one place.
  • Corcoran Gallery of Art (D.C.): Photos from the renowned collection of Norman Carr and Carolyn Kinder Carr.

~Miki Johnson

(Photo: © Subhankar Banerjee)

Follow the link below for details on these and many more photo events around the country.