Where to Go and What to See

~Miki Johnson

The New York art world seems to have conspired to ease me back into my weekly column with a pre-arranged theme: Asia Week! I don't know if all these shows are specifically part of the festivities, but at least a few are...and as for the rest, I'm just glad to see all the non-Western (or non-unconsciously-Western) photographs being honored.

Howard Greenberg takes the retrospective approach with _Photographers of Japanese Descen_t, including Araki, Hosoe, Izu, and Matsumoto. The Point of View Gllery brings us the fusion sensibilities of Drew Tal; ICP the work of Yi-Ting Chung; and Sous Let Etoiles, a fascinating portrait study of immigrants and their restrictive spaces from Fumio Tanai.

~Miki Johnson

(Photo: "Artist" by Fumio Tanai)

Follow the link below for details about these and many more photography events.