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** Flooding the Grand Canyon:**
In an effort to mimic the natural floods that once gushed through the Grand Canyon, water was unleashed from Glen Canyon Dam this week. This attempt at rejuvenating the ecosystem of the Grand Canyon at the very least provided a wonderful photo op. Are you picking up on any symbolism in the Associated Press picture here? Or did I simply have too much coffee after lunch?

** Obama, On the Record—and How!**
The day after Hillary Clinton defeated Barack Obama in the Ohio and Texas primaries, the New York Times ran this image, by Win McNamee for Getty Images, showing Obama talking to reporters on his campaign plane. The Times unfortunately cropped out the best part, which is the reporter at right holding a bunch of cell phones or tape recorders or something. Gawker happily showed the entire image. What in the world is she doing?

** Rare Helen Keller Photo Found**
This week the New England Historic Genealogy Society released this photographic of an eight-year-old Helen Keller with her teacher, Anne Sullivan. The rare image also shows Keller holding a doll. The word “doll” was the first that Keller ever spoke. The image, made 120 years ago at Cape Cod, was found in a photo album by Thaxter Spencer, 87, whose mother was a close friend of Keller. Go here for more of the story.
The English Earthquake**
How do you depict the violence of an earthquake in a still photo? David Moir of Reuters shot scientists with the British Geological Survey scanning a seismograph readout of the U.K.’s strongest earthquake in more the 20 years. The quake registered a 5.3 on the Richter scale.–David Schonauer