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As Dave Schonauer writes in his recent blog, Nubar Alexanian has photographed on the sets of many of Errol Morris’s documentaries, work collected in a new book called Nonfiction. If you’ve never seen Morris’s 1980 Gates of Heaven, do: I remember it as a brilliant series of talking still photographs. Another great documentary filmmaker, Albert Maysles, actually took his own pictures as he created such classics as Gimme Shelter and Grey Gardens. (Those earlier films were produced with Albert’s brother and sound man David, who died in 1987.) Albert was in fact a photographer first, and you can catch his vintage black-and-white prints from the 1950s and 1960s, color stills from the filming of Grey Gardens, and his recent “cinemagraphs” at New York City’s Steven Kasher Gallery, where they’re on display through March 15. The cinemagraphs (below) are printed directly from frames of actual Maysles films.