Ever since Polaroid announced that it was exiting the film business, snapshot-junkies have been grabbing as many of their products as they can afford before manufacturing ceases altogether in 2009. However, Save Polaroid (, a collective made up of six die-hard fans on both east and west’s coast, have taken it upon themselves to fight for the cause.

Since the news came out, they’ve been:

“assembling articles, links, stories and planning out the best way to create a joint effort to save instant film. We’ve contacted Polaroid, Fuji and Ilford about licensing. We have more in the works and will update this site regularly.”

Polaroid did announce that they would consider licensing the technology to a third-company party, so if you’re also an enthusiast and want to protect the future of Polaroid, the group suggests you take the following steps:

1. Join the flickr group. Upload your photo and a description of what Polaroid film means to you.

2. Download the Action Pack. It contains pre-addressed postcards to send to Polaroid, Ilford and Fuji with information about why Polaroid should license manufacturing rights to other companies. It also has flyers and other media to distribute to camera shops, film labs or anywhere else.

3. Write to Ilford and Fuji (or any other potential manufacturer) yourself. Nothing will convince a company to produce something more than the knowledge that there is a large market for it. Their address are provided at The site also has a list of petitions to sign.

-Lori Fredrickson
Assistant Editor