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This image of an egg was sent in by Joel Dennis. It was taken with his Canon Powershot A80 at 1/100 sec and f/8. I can see what Joel was after but there is room for improvement. First the positives here are the leading lines of the wood, I really like the fact that Joel got low to get a different perspective. I also like the colors at work here. The foreground is so out of focus and there is so much of it that it is a distraction. I would suggest a different crop. I know Dennis tried a lot of different crops but I would suggest cutting out foreground and isolate the egg. I intentionally cropped in to remove the sunlit top of the image since it draws your eyes away from the egg.
—Melissa Macatee
Contributing Blogger

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The PopPhoto Flash rating system.
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Want us to critique your shots? Send 'em to us!