Tips to improve your photography using natural light from the DVD series, Using Natural Light on Location. In this series, Damien Lovegrove presents a series of tips for improving your photography with different lighting techniques. Here are a few of the tips you will find on his DVD:

1. Keep your eyes open for a great background and use any converging lines to place your subject, remember texture adds drama.

2. Work shadows into your image as an element.

3. Watch for cross lights like light coming through two different windows to use for a rim light which creates depth and separation.

4. Incorporate Hollywood lighting to accentuate the eye closest to camera. Hollywood lighting is referred to the nose shadow just touching the cheek shadow creating a triangle of light just under the eye.

5. Use different perspectives; shooting just below eye level gives stature to subject.

6. Shooting into light with a still subject, exposing for subject will make the background very bright, create no shadows and give you a high key portrait.