Yesterday we offered tips from Damien Lovegrove’s DVD Using Natural Light on Location. Today we bring you tips to improve your flash photography from the DVD series, Using Flash on Location by Damien Lovegrove and Lovegrove Consulting.

1. Get that flash off of your camera, using a lightweight light stand and a remote trigger or radio trigger.

2. Using the Canon speedlight transmitter, STE2 to trigger your off camera flash, you can use the Program mode and with and exposure compensation on camera of –1 and on flash –1.

3. If using flash with reflective background, incorporate the flash bounce as an element into the photograph.

4. At night use a slow synch flash will add vibrant colors, background will be more vibrant with subject frozen by flash.

5.Add drama to image by underexposing background and using flash to light subject.

6. Using different light modifiers, like a fresnel spot, an umbrella or a ring flash can give you different looks with same settings.

—Melissa Macatee
Contributing Blogger