From: Rick Lockhart
To: POP Editor
Subject: The next best thing

Thought you needed this for the magazine…

“Always The Latest Thing”

Always had to have the latest thing ? The latest camera model with the most hard to figure out features. Here’s what I’m looking for:

1. A point and shoot camera that can produce a print at 3oo dpi, and the size of a billboard. Of course the printer would have to be the size of a house and the ink cartridge would cost $60 per gallon and a sheet of paper would use a whole tree.

2. A camera that can shoot images inside of a refrigerator (with the door closed) and NOT show any signs of digital noise at ISO 85,000.

3. A camera with a zoom lens range from 15mm to 800mm that retracts into the camera body when the power is turned off. It can use a 55mm filter and remember, this camera is a point and shoot and must fit into a reasonable sized pocket.

4. Completely water proof and usable to 500 feet underwater. No housing needed !

5. No more memory cards ! Camera has a 2,500 gigabyte hard drive built in. The camera can store so many images that it’s weight is actually increased when full.

6. Cost less than $450.

7. A instruction book that actually makes sense.

8. And there will be no more upgrades for a five year period. It can do everything ever needed photographically right out of the box ! Why waste more money on the next new thing ?

Rick Lockhart
St. Louis Park, Minnesota