From: Michael J. Spadoni, PE
To: POP Editor
Subject: Taking Camera equipment out of the country

Read you response to A. Aronowitz about insuring his equipment to Peru (Tech Support, February 2008) — good advice, but it begged an unasked question: Will he have a problem bringing his equipment back into the US?

The reason I ask: Back in the 70s and 80s, I had a job that frequently took me to some exotic international locations. I’d always bring my Nikons and lenses (who wouldn’t?). Before my first trip, a friend advised to bring receipts with the equipment, or bring it all to the nearest US Customs — They’d provide a form indicating they saw the equipment here, first. Never once did I not ease through customs — They’d ask if I bought the stuff overseas, I’d show ‘n’ tell, done.

Michael J. Spadoni
Rail Road Flat, CA

To answer Michael’s question, we enlisted the help of Steven Frischling, who doles our advice on traveling with photo gear on his blog, Read his response after the jump.