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Of all the memorable moments in the New York Giants’ Super Upset last night, the most famous one is destined to be Eli Manning‘s scrambling, third-down heave-ho pass to David Tyree with just over a minute remaining. Or rather, Tyree’s unbelievable catch! With a giant leap, a fingertip nab, a cradling of the ball against his helmet, and an ability to hang on in the clutches of New England’s Rodney Harrison, Tyree’s catch defies belief — and the camera’s eye. There seem to be too many moving parts in this play for a still picture to do it justice.

With hundreds of photogs at that game, did anyone get The Defining Picture of this event? One of the Monday-morning columns, by Mike Lupica at nydailynews.com, compiles an excellent slide show showing the play in no less than ten parts. (Three of these are above, credited, from left, to Daily News photographers Antonelli, Cataffo, and Appleton.)