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In yet another sign that digital photography is killing off film, the inventor of the instant picture, Polaroid Corp., will shut down its remaining U.S. film plants in March, according to the Wall Street Journal. (The move follows Polaroid’s discontinuation of instant cameras last year, as outlined by this NY Times blog.) The company will lay off hundreds of jobs and focus its energies on digital technologies, printers, and flatscreen TVs.

Where will those longtime fans of Polaroid instant cameras turn? “The company is shopping its technology and a sale could result in a third party making film for Polaroid products,” said spokeswoman Amanda Schuneman in the WSJ story.

While most snapshot enthusiasts have apparently long ago made the switch to digital, we have to wonder what this development will mean to larger-format shooters who have relied on Polaroids for instant demos. The tools they are a-changin. — Jack Crager