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After hearing Joe McNally speak a few years ago, I was excited to read his highly praised new book The Moment it Clicks. The book is a must have for any photographer, written in a friendly and conversational style, it’s not over-your-head-technical or boring, and even though McNally is Nikon shooter, his tips and insight can be applied to any set of equipment.

What makes this book different is its presentation and honesty—McNally shows you images and gives the entire story behind making them. What you’ll take away is just how much work, preparation, and quick on-your-feet thinking goes into all of his photographs. In addition to tips on the process of photography, McNally provides background on his career and knowledge that only a seasoned veteran has in their back pocket, including stories of editors’ opinions on his work along with amazing recollection of the logistical details of how he made specific photographs.

This is a great book for any photographer regardless of their abilities. As David Hobby at Strobist said, The verdict: Awesome.
—Melissa Macatee
Contributing Blogger