Where to Go and What to See

~Miki Johnson(Photo: © Ron Diorio, )

I don't know about everyone else, but I am pretty happy that this holiday season is finally behind us. All the traveling, and eating, and relaxing -- I couldn't take any more. So I'm thankful to the galleries that are helping us kick the year off right with a flood of openings on this week. Actually, there are so many I have almost no chance of being fair or comprehensive in my recommendations, so I'm not going to attempt either. The three shows I plan to attend, for purely personal reasons and restrained by my residence in New York, are as follows:

Martin Schoeller at Hasted Hunt, because his images are always powerful and because he is a fascinating character, as I learned when we got a chance to talk at the Images of the Year party, where he took home the portrait prize.
Ron Diorio at Peter Hay Halpert Fine Art, because sometimes you want to look at photos that look like paintings.
Peter Kayafas at Sasha Wolf Gallery, because these "Recent Photographs of America" look like they were taken half a century ago.

~Miki Johnson
(Photo: © Ron Diorio, "Scorcese")

Click the link below for details on these and many (many) more events and openings.