Only in New York…

One of the greatest parts of being the Online Technology Editor for Pop is that I get to test (read: play) with all the newest gear. It’s not uncommon for me to be wandering midtown Manhattan with a brand-new lens or the hottest new DSLR, sometimes even before it gets onto the shelves.

It was an unseasonable sunny day in Manhattan yesterday, and I decided it was a perfect day to escape from the office do some “field work” while looking for something for lunch.

I loaded up my camera bag with the brand-new Nikon D3, and the equally new Diana+. One’s a top of the line pro DSLR that shoots 9 frames a second, and the other is a cheap plastic replica of a cheap plastic camera.

No one looked twice at the Nikon D3 and me, even as I was machine-gunning off 10 frames a second for “research.”

But not two minutes after I switched to the Diana+, two people came up to me and started asking if that was really a Diana I was shooting with!
—Jack Howard
Online Technology Editor