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Ever wonder what Frida Kahlo really looked like? Sure, she painted herself hundreds of times…with her usual a flair for the dramatic, but her real likeness was captured splendidly by her friend and collaborator, photographer Nickolas Muray, who died in 1965 after a long and successful career in celebrity, fashion, and commercial imagery. A new show of Muray’s photographs of Frida can be seen at the Delaware Art Museum in Wilmington, next Friday through March 30.

Many of these photographs have an intimacy that befits the bond of their subjects: Muray and Kahlo were romantically involved for years and he hoped to marry her at one point, losing out on the prospect when Kahlo rekindled her volatile relationship with fellow painter and husband Diego Rivera. Nonetheless, Muray and Kahlo remained close friends until her death in 1954, and their many photographic sessions are represented in this show by more than 50 images.