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My colleague Burt Keppler died Friday night at age 82, following a brief illness. I and the entire staff of American Photo send our thoughts to his family. I’m sure that in the following days you’ll be seeing a number of tributes to him posted here and elsewhere on PopPhoto.com.
Burt was most recently a “senior counselor” for American Photo, and was the former editor of Modern Photography and editorial director of our sister publication, Popular Photography. Even after he gave up the day-to-day running of magazines, however, Burt poured out his enthusiasm for photography and photo technology in his long-running “SLR” column and on his own blog at PopPhoto.com. Both column and blog remained very popular with readers, who always knew they could trust Burt’s advice.
For now, as we come to grips with this loss and begin framing our various tributes to Burt, I’m hoping to hear from all of you who either knew him or followed his columns in Pop. Meanwhile, go here to read a very good overview of Burt’s career and his impact on photography by another former colleague, Mason Resnick.
–David Schonauer