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After his improbable victory in Iowa, Mike Huckabee owes at least some gratitude to Bill Clinton. Though from different parties, the two former Arkansas governors from Hope share more than just the same home state, birthplace, and religion: Huckabee’s been taking pages from Clinton’s political playbook in the “Image Is Everything” chapter. Mike’s appearance on The Tonight Show Wednesday night (he plays bass, not lead guitar as often reported) echoes Clinton’s Aresenio sax gig; both men revel in tales of how they overcame obesity by jogging; and Huckabee even gets high praise from Bill on the Iowa trail today. (What’s next—the boxer-vs.-briefs question for the new GOP upstart?) Whatever happens in this entertaining primary season, Huckabee’s cash-strapped burst out of nowhere into the spotlight proves one thing: A good picture’s worth a thousand donors. — Jack Crager