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Everyone has a blog now—even the Library of Congress, and today it announced that it has joined forces with Flickr to put a collection of historic copyright-free images online. For their launch, they’ve posted about two sets of 1,500, including one of Depression and World War II-era color slide images including such sights as a well-coiffed female aircraft worker checking electrical assemblies, families in the south riding horse-drawn carriages to work, and the launch of a barrage balloon. The second is black-and-white daily news images taken from Bain News Services between 1910 and 1912, which offer a window into the days of early aviation and automotives, labor union strikes, and full-body swimsuits.

It’s only 3,000 right now, but the LOC has 14 million images altogether, so that could turn out to be quite a Flickr page. And none of them have any restrictions, so you can repost them at will. How nice of them, right?
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