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After reading “The New Infrared Revolution” (January,2008) Douglas Lowe from Huber Heights, OH sent us his tips for getting digital IR photos, along with some of his impressive shots. Check out all of his work here.

From Reader Douglas Lowe:

Below is my process for using my Nikon D50. The D50 may not be the newest in the Nikon line-up, but works quite well with IR due to it’s less aggressive internal IR blocking filter.

1. Set your custom white balance. For my D50 I set the WB to “PRE”, then hold down the WB button until “PRE” flashed in the upper display, then shoot a photo of some nice lush grass (using aperture priority mode). Do this with the R72 filter on the lens.

2. Place your camera on a tripod. Remove the R72 filter. Compose and focus your shot. Once this is done, screw the R72 back onto the lens and switch the camera to manual focus. This will prevent the camera from trying to focus with the filter on, which 99% of the time it will not be able to do.

3. I switch to aperture priority and set my desired aperture (I use f/8 – f/11 for nice clear landscape shots) to determine what shutter speed to start at. Then I switch to manual mode and set the shutter speed per what I read from aperture priority. Then switch on either your timer on your IR remote to avoid vibration. Take your first shot. Now, bracket a few with slower and quicker shutter speeds.