(Adapted from Photography Tip Blog)

Your flash is your friend. Most parties aren’t lit all that well and you’re going to need the flash that’s on your camera to light up almost every scene. Knowing how to use your flash along with the existing light, is the first step to in creating stunning pictures.

Stay away… Going really close to your friends will usually end up with them looking like they were lit by the light from an atom bomb’s explosion. Stay at least 5-6 feet away from them to ensure that they retain that pearly complexion.
…but not too far away!** If you go too far away you’ll end up seeing only the whites of their eyes, in spite of the flash. Most compact digital cameras have a tiny flash that can illuminate objects only at a maximum of 12-15 feet. Each camera is different, so experiment with yours to find the best distance to take pictures at, and maintain that distance.
Use red eye reduction mode.** It’s true that image-editing programs have tools to remove red-eye from your photographs, but why bother when all you need to avoid it is to push a button?

Turn the flash off sometimes. Sure, the flash is your best buddy at a party but you don’t want to be hanging around together all the time, do you? Especially if there are colored strobes or lasers… If you’re at a club or a disco and there are a lot of colored lights, you will most probably be able to get some really good photographs in those lights. Wait till your subject is lit up with one of these lights and press the shutter, or get some really good silhouettes.