With so much to think about when you shoot, how to hold your DSLR probably never crosses your mind. Which is exactly the problem. Here are a few tips on the best way to hold your camera to avoid camera shake:

1. Keep your elbows in, it creates a stable shooting platform for your camera when it is resting to your eye and keeps you much steadier than the “wings flapping” elbows out stance.

2. Cup your left hand under the lens. Until they start making left-handed SLR’s, your left hand belongs underneath the lens, cupping it in the palm of your hand. This gives you easy access to the zoom and focus rings and allows you to relax your right hand from the shooting position now and then to avoid cramping.

3. Breathe out just before you shoot. Technically not a holding tip, but still a good one to promote stability while shooting. It releases the tension from your body that you get from holding your breath in, reducing muscle vibration.

For more, check out Digital Photograph School’s article about the right way to hold your camera,
—Matthew Panzarino
Contributing Blogger