If you need to create title slides for a Lightroom slideshow then normally you would turn to Photoshop to create an image with a title and then place that in your slideshow, this can get irritating if you’re putting together a multiple topic show and need to create a bunch of interstitial slides. You can create title slides in Lightroom, rather than creating your title slides in Photoshop or another program and transferring them over. Check out Lightroom-Blog’s video tutorial for details how create text slides directly in Lightroom.

The basic steps are: make a virtual copy of a blank slide (for solid black, just take a photo with the lens cap on), place it where you want the title to be in the slide show, type your title into a rarely used metadata field, then add custom text to the slide and choose the metadata field as the source of the text.
—Matthew Panzarino
Contributing Blogger