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I was talking with a good friend the other day about the “trend” pieces in the New York Times and how they are usually a little behind the times (ahem, sorry, couldn’t resist). My point in that discussion was that, if you’re the New York Times, no one expects you to be on the cutting edge. Instead, when the Times writes about a trend it makes it true somehow…they are the arbiters of trends, not the hounds.

It was thus with much interest (and some glee) that I saw that the Times Style section today leads with a story about a trend in photography toward the increasing acceptability and collectability of “fashion” photos. Hmm, why does this sound familiar? Oh yes, that’s right, American Photo highlighted the same trend in its Nov/Dec feature on everything “emerging” in photography.

So I guess my point is, although it’s not that hard to be ahead of the Times with our trend pieces, it’s nice to know that they agree that something is going on here. And nice to see even more examples of this new high-art fashion paradigm. Plus, they simultaneously hit on another topic we cover in the Jan/Feb American Photo (on stands soon): the booming collecting market in photography–even, and sometimes especially, fashion photography.

One thing I’m curious about, though, is how everyone else feels about this assertion:
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