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You are probably a microcelebrity, even if you don’t know it yet. And you’d better dress the part, and be ready to be photographed. We live in the age of microtrends, the term that pollster Mark Penn uses to describe the small trends and communities that shape the larger culture. In this article from Wired, Clive Thompson asserts that we also live in the age of microcelebrity. Because of photo-sharing sites and Internet communities like Facebook and MySpace, most of us are now known entities–brands, in other words–who must deal with having our picture taken and published for the world to see. We may only be known by a couple of hundred people, but still, that type of fame causes change in social behavior. People are learning a new set of social skills: dressing and behaving in certain ways because we must always “be ready for our closeup.” Really interesting stuff. It’s probably possible to draw some links to trends in photography as well. In an age when everyone is a little famous, everyone with a camera and the ability to publish or share photos on the web is kind of a professional celebrity photographer. A lot of those people are also selling their photos online…via micro stock agencies.–David Schonauer