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Political blogger Andrew Sullivan posted these two images yesterday, asking his readers if they thought the similarities between them were deliberate or coincidental. It was yesterday, of course, that Mitt Romney gave a speech explaining why his Mormonism shouldn’t be an issue in the presidential race. Many commentators have likened that to the famous speech John Kennedy gave to ministers in 1960 to address the issue of his Catholicism. Sullivan compared the famous 1970 painting of JFK by Aaron Shikler (left) with a photo of Romney. I’ve been trying to find out when and where that image was taken, but so far I’ve been unsuccessful. Can anyone help here? I’d like to know that before I form an opinion on whether is was made deliberately. At any rate, here’s also an AP photo taken of Romney during his speech, which he made at the George H.W. Bush Presidential Library in Texas. He looks trapped by the flags and that giant symbol of the presidency hanging over him. Perhaps not the best set design.
–David Schonauer