To: Editor Popphoto
Subject: Great How-To’s

While I awaited for my Thanksgiving flight at the Phoenix Airport, I decided to satisfy my photography needs by picking up the latest copy of Popular Photography (December/07). While this was the first issue I have read, I am thoroughly impressed by the content, ease of comprehension, and layout. My enthusiasm was sparked by the article, The Freshman, and the possibility that a novice can create stunning photographs within one year.

I was so impressed and relieved to see articles that I could easily comprehend that I decided to write in, something I have never done for any publication previously. As a recent college graduate without a job, it looks as though my DSLR pursuit may take a few more months. So again, thank you and congratulations for a great magazine that even a novice photographer (2 years of photo class 5-6 years ago in high school) can understand and be motivated by. I promise as soon as I get a job I’ll get a subscription!

Travis Sterne
Granite Bay, California

PS. About that DSLR, I asked my non-denominational holiday icon for a job so I can purchase my camera ASAP. Will you be my holiday icon and give the gift of work?

Sorry Travis, we can’t offer you a job, but we’d love to hear what cameras and other gear our readers are asking their “non-demoninational holiday icons” for. Let us know what you want most at