Many people calibrate their monitors carefully and regularly yet still have problems with the monitor shifting or not being able to reproduce the color of their images accurately. That’s because most computer monitors are manufactured with video, gaming, and Internet browsing in mind and are calibrated for a punchier, brighter image that suits most people’s needs. However, a somewhat dimmer and more subdued pallette is best for color correcting images.

There are some monitors that are manufactured with digital photographers in mind, and these monitors are usually more consistent, with a much wider, yet more realistic color gamut. One such monitor manufacturer is Eizo, a company that has been producing CRT monitors for photo lab machines and big graphics houses for a long time.

In recent years, they have begun marketing LCD displays directly to consumers that want color accuracy without the desktop hogging CRT. Their newest monitor is a fantastic looking 30″ FlexScan model, but it’s not cheap ($2,500, street). Fortunately they manufacture a variety of sizes that are more affordable, starting at around $400 for a 17″ color correct display.
—Matthew Panzarino
Contributing Blogger