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Lasting Impressions’ new Memory Mixer version 2 ($80, direct) is simple to use and gives you hundreds of ways to display photos and short video clips.

I was a bit skeptical of this program at first glance. Scrapbooking has become overwhelming in recent years, with all of the embellishments and fancy papers you find at scrapbooking stores. Luckily though, Memory Mixer makes scrapbooking simple again. You use the photos that are sitting on your hard drive and digitally add special touches to your pages including videos and audio. All of your choices, step-by-step, are very clear. There are so many options you should be able to make a beautiful scrapbook from what is offered within the program. But if you are a seasoned scrapbooker, you are just a click away (under the Help menu) from the Memory Mixer website where you can purchase even more “quick mixes, backgrounds and embellishments” for your scrapbook.