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We normally try to keep upcoming stories in American Photo under wraps, but I thought it would be all right to clue you in on a feature we’ve got coming up. Anyway, I was eager to share some work here by a Dutch photographer I’m crazy about–Desire Dolron.
First, the story: in our January/February issue, which goes on sale in about five weeks or so, photo expert Stephen Perloff surveys the current photography market and makes his recommendations on which artists to buy, hold, and sell now. Stephen is the editor of The Photograph Collector, a newsletter that is widely read by collectors of the medium. I think his insights will be interesting for anyone who follows photography trends, whether you collect or not.
One of the artists he has discovered for the article is Dolron, who burst on the photo scene back in 2004 when her work was shown at the AIPAD show in New York. The images here are from her “Xteriors” series, which, like most of her work, takes traditional forms of photography and twists it into something new and beautiful with computer enhancement. Her work has already gotten pricey–a 31×47-inch print recently sold for $38,400. But Perloff says there is still an upside to her market. To see more of her work, go here. –David Schonauer