If you’re planning on taking any photography equipment with you when you fly during the holidays, check the Transportation Security Administration website ( for updates on what electronics will be handled through security, and what you can take on board.

Currently, still cameras and digital video cameras don’t have to be removed and screened separately, but laptops, full-size video game consoles, full-size DVD players, video cameras that use video cassettes, and CPAP breathing machines, do. Don’t forget that you’re limited to one carry on and one personal item (which are qualified as laptops, purses, small backpacks, briefcases, or camera cases)

If you are traveling with film ask for a hand inspection to avoid having film go through the x-ray machine. Explaining that your digital cameras are for still photography may exempt them from the removal procedure. But if you will be traveling through the Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport be prepared to take out all electronics and place in a separate bin. The TSA is using that airport as a test program to see if taking it all out will speed up the security lines.
—Melissa Macatee
Contributing Blogger