SHARE offers a few suggestions on how to get your young kids into photography:

• Start early. Children as young as three can enjoy taking pictures. Provide gentle direction and limit the tyke to one or two shots per subject.
• Be safe, not sorry.** Single-use cameras, especially the weatherproof and waterproof variety, are perfect starter cameras for youngsters. They’re hard to break and are quite inexpensive. (If you’re willing to spend a little more, Fisher Price has a “kid-tough” digital camera for $70)

• Stay on the subject. Focus on the things they’ll want to shoot — family, friends, pets, favorite toys.

• Gather around the browser. Huddle around the computer and review everyone’s photos as a family event.

• Give them something to show off. Make prints, posters, greeting cards or stickers of their photos and let them share their creativity with friends.