Most of us get too comfortable with our photography—same type of pictures, same settings. Here are a few things I do to hit my photographic stride again when I realize I’m in a rut:

1. Photograph in different light. If you are using a lot of flash or strobe light, make images with ambient light. You might even need to pull out the tripod.

2. Choose a lens you don’t use very often and make pictures with just that one lens. Maybe instead of a telephoto use a prime.

3. Only allow yourself one frame per image, in other words think more about the picture as if you were shooting a roll of 24 film instead of filling a 1Gig card, slowing you down to think about your picture.

4. See what happens when you are normally asleep, stay up and do some night photography.

5. Get creative. Use the scavenger hunt concept, make a list of things then go out and make pictures of a creative way to interpret the items on the list. Only photograph things that are a specific color for a whole day.

6. Re-shoot: look over your pictures, pick one and study it from all angles to see what you could have done differently to improve it and go do it.

  1. Take a self portrait. Not as easy as it sounds. Check out a helpful tip here.
    —Melissa Macatee
    Contributing Blogger