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It’s bleak, rainy Monday in New York, and my shoes are damp from my walk from Grand Central to our office on Broadway. I’ve also got a pile of work to get through. So there is no way I should be attempting to write about quantum physics. But a recent story about the origin of the universe got me thinking about how dangerous it is to know a little about science. Especially when it comes to thinking about photography and writing about photography. Stay with me…this could get ugly.

The story I’m referring to started in the magazine New Scientist, which covered a recent paper written by Lawrence Krauss of Case Western Reserve University. The magazine and a Brit newspaper, the Daily Telegraph, both caught onto an observation that Krauss made at the end of his paper, about the Universe’s fate. You can read Kruass’s paper here, or, if you trust a former English major to guide you through the weird realm of quantum physics, you can read on.