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A few weeks ago when I was at the APA’s Assistants Hexathlon I had a lengthy discussion with a few professional photographers about vital skills assistants need (and often lack). An indispensable one is being able to identify and properly pack equipment. Great idea for a story, I thought…especially for the new college edition of Popular Photography I’m editing (fyi).

Leave it to photographer Chase Jarvis to beat me to the punch (which I forgive him for, since now I can make him help me with the story). He has not one but two new videos up at his blog (a 30-minute advanced one and a shortened “basic” one) that explain the ins and outs of packing, shipping, and protecting your equipment while shooting around the world (as Chase is wont to do).

Chase (we’re on a first-name basis, if you hadn’t noticed) also now has an iTunes podcast of his videos, which include behind-the-scenes looks at his shoots, his speeches and interviews, and something called “Frames” where he takes every single image from a shoot and makes them into a ridiculously watchable slideshow.

Not surprisingly, this multimedia investment has paybacks not only for Chase’s fans but also for his business, which is now regularly shooting both still and motion for clients. To get all the details, you’ll have to check out our special feature on photographers as directors in the upcoming Hollywood issue (March/April) of American Photo.

~Miki Johnson