It’s been a very tough week for the paparazzi, but I guess I’m the only one in the country who cares. Judging from my recent post on Sean Penn, most people agree with him that the paparazzi should be put in a cage and poked with sticks. At any rate, earlier this week Pierce Brosnan punched photographer Robert Rosen outside a restaurant in Malibu. Brosnan was there with his kids and objected to being photographed. Rosen reportedly reacted by kicking the former James Bond in the stomach. Police are investigating. Let me repeat, to all parties, that violence is not the right way to deal with this.
And one thing I really don’t want to see is what’s contained in the video above. It happened last night. Basically what you’ll witness is a day in the life of a celebrity–one Lindsay Lohan–and the pack of photographers who earn a living by following her around. Except that this episode ends with one of the photographers being kicked in the groin by a Lohan bodyguard. Paparazzi agencies are going to have to start paying these guys extra for combat duty.