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To: POP Editor
Subject: Honey Shot (November 2007)

I recently spent some time photographing beekeepers that have some hives located at my in-laws’ Garden Center in Commanda Ontario, Canada. It was actually very exciting, the buzzing of tens-of thousands of bees is quite loud. I guess I got a little too into my work, because I ended up shooting from about 15 feet away and completely engulfed in a cloud of angry bees, with no protective clothing! Did I get stung? Oh yes, three times on my bottom lip. I was quite literally… caught in a bee-line! But, it was worth it, I was really happy with the final shot.

Tech Info:
Olympus E500
40-150mm Zuiko lens
Exp 1/250 and f/8 ISO 400

Terence Hayes
Sudbury, Ontario Canada