It took longer than I expected to get a reality TV show about photography. Now, it’s here…and it’s a lot better than I expected. In fact, I guess I’m hooked. The new show is called “The Shot,” and it’s on Vh1 on Sunday’s at 10 (9 Central). The premise is pretty much like the other reality TV shows about fashion designers, chefs, and models: A lineup of promising young photographers live together and are given a challenge assignment each week. A panel of judges decides whose pictures are the weakest in each challenge, and that person is eliminated, until only one contestant is left. The show is produced by the same people who do America’s Next Top Model, but it’s not a foolish waste of time at all. The key, for me, is the host, photographer Russell James, who’s shot for Victoria’s Secret, Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issues, and other clients. Each week he gives a solid lesson in how to be a great photographer. I’ve included one from the first week here.
–David Schonauer