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Amateur photographer Bogdan Mohora was jailed in Seattle last year when he snapped a few photos of police officers arresting a man.

Mohora was released after an hour and reportedly told that he could have been charged with disturbing the peace or provoking a riot.

“Being arrested for simply being a witness to police activity was frightening and humiliating,” Mohora wrote in a claim he later filed against the city. “It bothers me to think that police can abuse their authority by arresting innocent witnesses.”

(Photo Bogdan Mohora was arrested for taking)

The American Civil Liberties Union intervened on Mohora’s behalf, and the police Office of Public Accountability investigated the officers’ actions and found that they acted inappropriately. The city’s claim department agreed to pay Mohora an $8,000 settlement this month. (via the Seattle Times)
_—Kathleen Davis
Assistant Editor