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The PopPhoto Flash rating system.*= This part of the camera is called the lens**= Don’t quit your day job***= Good, but not yet great****=So close you can taste it*****= Yes, a thousand times yes!

This photo submitted by Patrick Hazleton has some serious problems. To start with, the subject isn't even in focus, likely due to a slow shutter speed of 1/13 sec. I would suggest using a tripod if going slower than 1/60 sec because of body and hand movements. The exposure is also way off. The roses look flat with not enough contrast, and the rest of the photo is blown out. Next time try using a lower ISO than 800. If shooting flowers near a window with natural light try using an ISO of 100 for sunny days and 400 for cloudy ones. I also do not think the transition to black and white is helping. I'm sure the natural colors of the roses are more interesting than this dull grey. With some more technical knowledge, I think he can do better in the future.
_—Linzee Karasik
Pop Photo

This photo gets two stars on the PopPhoto Flash rating system.

The PopPhoto Flash rating system.
*= This part of the camera is called the lens
**= Don't quit your day job
***= Good, but not yet great
****=So close you can taste it
*****= Yes, a thousand times yes!

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