Where to Go and What to See

(Photo: Dustin Hoffman/© Sam Jones)

First off I have to give a shout out to several photographers featured in the pages of American Photo who have exhibitions going up this week. Danny Lyon, who's having a book signing at The Strand for his fascinating new Like a Thief's Dream, will be included in a special collecting feature in our January/February issue. Also in that issue--our annual Best Books issue--you'll see Simon Roberts (discussion at the new Klompching Gallery in Dumbo on Wednesday) and Richard Misrach (at Fraenkel Gallery in San Francisco on Wednesday). And in our current Emerging Artists issue, you can check out the work of the Sanchez brothers, whose exhibit opened last week at Caren Golden Fine Art in New York.

But I'm most excited to have been given a reason to familiarize myself with Sam Jones, who's having a book release at Fahey/Klein in Los Angeles for The Here and Now on Thursday. Now, I probably should already have been familiar with Jones, since he's a huge celebrity portraitist who regularly shoots for two of my favorite magazines: Vanity Fair and Esquire. But you know, sometimes celebrity portraits can be pretty, "you've seen one you've seen them all." Jones's, on the other hand, are in another vein entirely: the "these would be great portraits even if the people weren't famous" vein. Plus, his website has this ingenious design where a new color gets filled in on this drawing of a hummingbird each time you go to a new section...you'll have to go and see what I mean...but it makes you want to click on every section at least once...very smart.

(Photo: Dustin Hoffman/© Sam Jones)

Follow the link below for details on these and more photography events around the country.