Where to Go and What to See

(Photo: © Jill Greenberg, from her Ursine series)

This seems to be the week of big names who are known for their polish. Annie Leibovitz's beautiful retrospective moves to Washington, D.C. (Corcoran Gallery), and Herb Ritts's Celebrity work shows up in Atlanta at Fay Gold. The masters Edward Steichen and Hiroshi Sugimoto are going up in Germany and San Francisco, respectively. And a couple lesser-known but similarly clean photographers -- Bjorn Iooss and Timothy Greenfield-Sanders -- are showing in New York and Rome (this also seems to be the week for international shows). Finally, I can't forget Jill Greenberg, a.k.a. The Manipulator, at ClampArt on Thursday. But just in case you're in the mood for grit and grain, may I suggest Danny Lyon's intriguing Like A Thief's Dream, a book book not a picture book, that the photographer will be reading from at the Whitney on Friday.

~Miki Johnson

(Photo: © Jill Greenberg, from her Ursine_ series)_

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