There’s a lot to love about small off-camera strobes: they’re portable, easy to use and relatively inexpensive compared to larger studio strobes. The downsides are that they don’t have as much power and have longer recycle times between flashes. It’s also difficult to use larger umbrellas and softboxes with only one portable strobe.

To overcome those weaknesses, photographer Todd Brewer developed what he calls the El Doble flash bracket ($60, direct), a mounting bracket for two portable strobes and a light modifier. The bracket is made out of aircraft-grade aluminum and comes with a money-back guarantee.

Why would you want to mount two strobes onto one bracket? If you set each flash to ½ power, you end up with one full power flash that recycles in ½ the time, which can be great for sporting events or hectic portrait shooting schedules where you need to fire one flash after another but can’t afford anything less than full power.
—Matthew Panzarino
Contributing Blogger