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St. Maarten and its neighboring island of Anguilla have an interesting history including dual Dutch and French ownership. Although mostly tropical, the Caribbean townships of St. Maarten reflect their respective nation’s flavors. In just a day you can visit Holland, France and the Caribbean. Here are a few things to keep in mind for your visit:

1. Crash The Party. For some amazing images of adobe structures and pristine beaches, check out the Cap Juluca resort on Anguilla, one of the most beautifully built and arranged of it’s kind. It’s open for lunch and dinner so you should be able to sneak on to shoot.

2. Hit The Market. The local market isn’t far from the airport, across the street from the Anglican church. Get there early to get great shots of locals buying fruits and vegetables grown on the island, rather than tourists buying souvenirs later in the day.

3. Head for the Marinas. The Marinas on St. Maarten offer a great place to shoot local flavor including restaurants and fisherman along with some of the most amazing non-photoshopped skies you’ll ever see. (Hint: shoot some stock skies for later use).

4. Browse the Shops. The streets and shops of the towns have a very old-world colonial feel, with crumbling stonework and bright painted shutters.
5. Must-Have Equipment.** Bring along a polarizer for the bright skies, a cover to protect your camera from the brief but frequent warm rains and silica gel packets to suck up the moisture.
_ —Matthew Panzarino
Contributing Blogger_