We’ve been at this blogging thing for six months, and after more than 400 posts, we’d like to hear how we’re doing. So here’s your chance to give it to us straight, we can take it. A few things we’re wondering about:

• What is your favorite feature on Flash? Least favorite?
• What topics do you want to see covered as a Tip of the Day or How-To feature?
• What would you change about the format of the pages and posts?
• What type of gear do you want us to write about more (lenses, flash, DSLRs, software, etc.)?
• What websites, products, or people are out there that we don’t know about but should?
• How often do you visit the blog?
• How do you read Flash (i.e. just what’s on the front page, by topic, by author, by weekly archives)?
• What else should we know?

Any and all feedback positive and negative is welcome, leave your answers right in the comment section for the entire world to see, or send us an email (

Just remember to play nice, keep your comments constructive.