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I write this as a longtime fan of the San Francisco Giants, which finished dead last in their division this year, and as an enthusiast of the New York Mets, the National League team from my adopted hometown–a team that just completed what is being called the greatest choke in the history of baseball. Here are my official highlights of a dark day:
1) Best joke: What’s the difference between a beer at Yankee Stadium and a beer at Shea Stadium? At Yankee Stadium the beer is available in October.
2) Best newspaper headline: This one from AM New York: “Amazin’ Disgrace.”
3) Best photo of the disaster: All the local newspapers had pictures of Mets players hanging their heads in shame. But the front page of the New York Post had this shot by Neil Miller of a boy out at Shea Stadium. The photo reminds us that the game is still about kids and their heroes, and how much it hurts to to see those heroes go down in flames. And it never, never gets easier.
–David Schonauer