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This just in: Sean Penn hates the paparazzi. The actor and human rights activist was recently quoted as saying, “I still think photographers should be lashed out at. They should be put in a cage and poked with a stick for a quarter. But not in a hostile way, just for giggles.” Presumably he was being sarcastic, not serious, but I don’t know…he hasn’t really been very funny since Ridgemont High. Penn was arrested for fighting with a photographer, back when he was married to Madonna, and also was accused of pushing around some paparazzi at his brother’s funeral in 2006. Anyway, he’s ridiculous. I know it can’t be that much fun to be trailed around and photographed all the time, but how bad it is, really? Just suck it up and smile, why don’t you, Sean? Show the paps some love and confuse them. They might just get bored with you.
–David Schonauer