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The best photographs don’t need much explaining, which is fine with me because these by Coppi Barbieri take my breath away. You can find them in the fall issue of V magazine, which is terrific, by the way. In fact,_ V_ may be the new W, if what you like is ART AS FASHION/FASHION AS ART. Coppi Barbieri is a husband-and-wife team (Fabrizio Coppi and Lucilla Barbieri) who excel at shooting objects of desire. Desire is certainly the key here–but it doesn’t come from the bits of visible skin or the sparkle of jewelry. It’s the overwhelming sense of opulence that drives us wild, the lusty sense of abundance of color and texture that is just a feast for the eyes. (I can’t help but think about lip-smacking British TV chef Nigella Lawson wearing this stuff when she’s not in the kitchen–or, actually, when she is in the kitchen.) There’s also a wonderful Edwardian naughtiness, which is very apparent in this video montage of the work. You’ll feel like your watching the credits of the best Masterpiece Theater ever.
–David Schonauer