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The Zogby international polling firm has released the results of a new study, and the results may offer a few clues about the future of humanity. I believe the results also hold implications for photography.
Among the findings: Despite all the lusty hype over the iPhone, people say they still find other people more attractive than the fetishistic gadget. In the poll, 27 percent of respondents said Halle Berry was most attractive; Scarlett Johanssen got 17 percent of the vote, and Patrick Dempsey got 14 percent. The iPhone tied with Derek Jeter at six percent.
What do these results mean, besides the fact that most people hate the Yankees? In terms of imagery, at least, I think we can safely say that content is still king. For now, at least, what we see (or who we see) in pictures is still more important to us as a species than the technology surrounding the image.
Of course, as a species we are evolving. The poll also showed that a surprising 24 percent of Americans said that the Internet could serve as a replacement for a significant other. And in other news, an artificial intelligence researcher in the Netherlands says that by 2050 humans will be having sex with robots, who presumably will be made to look like Halle Berry and Patrick Dempsey.
–David Schonauer