From: Gordon Padwick
To: POP Editor

I always look forward to receiving the next issue of Popular Photography with mixed feelings because I know I’ll find much to learn but also much that I question.

The October issue contains several photographs I admire such as the Mountain Sunrise on pages 20 and 21. But then there are the BestInShow photographs on page 11 – if I’d taken any of those I would have discarded them. I can’t understand why you published the WaterLog feature starting on page 18 – junk photographs from my viewpoint.

The 2nd Place photograph on page 22 is nothing worth looking at – it’s just a photograph of a mechanical contrivance. I admire the 3rd place photograph on the same page because it shows something of beauty.

I found the Leaf Tips feature interesting and useful. Why, though, do you use “Shootin’ in the Rain” as a heading? What’s wrong with “Shooting in the Rain”. I suggest you pay as much attention the proper use of English as you do the proper use of photography techniques.